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Frequently Asked Questions

What buildings must be inspected by the Fire Marshal's Office?

All buildings within the Town of Orange, with the exception of single and two-family homes, are required to be inspected by the Fire Marshal or his designee as prescribed by Section 29-291a-7 of the Connecticut General Statutes. Single and two-family homes are within the jurisdiction of the local Building Official.

What is a Town of Orange Operating Permit, and do I need one?

Operating permits are required for any business that necessitates documentation of compliance with the Connecticut Fire and Life Safety Code. Such businesses include but are not limited to assembly, educational, nursing and convalescent homes, residential board and care, day care, group day care homes, hotels and dormitories, retail fireworks/sparkler vendors, propane exchange and filling locations, and for professional displays of fireworks. 

Why must inspections be done for State Licensing and Town Operating Permits?

Besides being required by the Connecticut General Statutes, many businesses are licensed by a local or state agency, or require a Town of Orange Operating prmit. As such, they are required to provide documentation as to the safe conditions that will allow them to operate without posing a hazard to the public. Without such documentation, their license or Operating Permit may not be renewed. Should violations of the Connecticut Fire and Life Safety Code be found, said business must take corrective actions and comply with the Fire Code. The time provided is at the discretion of the Fire Marshal or his designee, depending on the nature of the violation. Violations, such as blocked egress, fire protection systems violations or overcrowding may warrant issuance of a citation, and/or closure of the business until such time that these immediate problems are corrected.

How do I arrange for an inspection by the Fire Marshal's Office?

Requesting an inspection by the Fire Marshal's Office is simple. You may contact the Fire Marshal's Office at (203) 891-4711 to request an inspection. All requests must be received at least 48 hours prior to the requested inspection date and time. Inspections, with the exception of complaint follow-up inspections, are normally conducted during regular business hours, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays). If you require a Town of Orange Operating Permit, you may click on the Viewpoint Permit button located at the bottom of this page, register as a user, and submit your application for inspection.

Why are fire investigations important?

Conducting fire investigations are very important to ensure the safety of the public. By doing a thorough and methodical investigation, the staff of the Fire Marshal's Office may determine if a fire was accidental in nature, or incendiary (intentionally set). Should a fire be determined accidental, it is important to determine the cause to help identify possible trends that could produce recalls of defective equipment, as well as provide assistance to insurance companies who maintain coverage to victims of fire. If you should see any suspected criminal activities with regard to fire, you can contact the Connecticut Arson Tip Line at 1-800-84ARSON (1-800-842-7766).

What is Public Fire and Life Safety Education

Public Fire and Life Safety Education is a proactive approach to firefighting. There is no better way to fight fires than to prevent them from happening by providing early fire safety education. Public education is an opportunity to educate the public about common fire hazards they may encounter, as well as new problems that have surfaced. Many of the programs offered by the Fire Marshal's Office are delivered by our office staff, as well as members of the Orange Volunteer Fire Department's Public Education Committee. Each program is tailored to a specific audience. All programs are free to those who request it. Our staff encourages all residents to take part in our fire safety programs. To request a presentation, please email Fire Marshal Timothy Smith.  His contact information is on our main page.

Is open burning permitted in the Town of Orange?

Supervised open burning is allowed when issued a permit by the Fire Marshal's Office to do so. Open burning permits will be issued to town residents for the purposes of cooking outdoors, holding a controlled camp fire, or when holding controlled fires for religious reasons. The Permit fee is $25 for a one-time permit, or $150 for an annual fire permit. A site inspection will be conducted by the Fire Marshal or his designee prior to the issuance of an annual fire permit. IT IS UNLAWFUL FOR ANY RESIDENT OR BUSINESS TO BURN BRUSH, TRASH OR ITEMS OF THE LIKE. ALL WOOD THAT IS BURNED SHALL NOT BE PRESSURE-TREATED. ALL ITEMS MUST BE TAKEN TO THE TRANSFER STATION! Failure to obtain a burn permit or burning illegal items may subject the property owner to fines and/or arrest. Burn permits are void if weather conditions are such that it creates hazards to the permittee, their property, or the property around them, whether it is public or private. Any time wind speeds exceed 10 miles per hour (gusts or sustained), or the fire danger rating is equal to or greater than "HIGH", there shall be no open burning in the Town of Orange. The fire danger and air quality rating can be obtained by clicking on our "Services" page and selecting Open Burning Permits.

When must I submit a Fuel Permit Application with the Fire Marshal's Office?

Any time you are installing equipment pertaining to hazardous materials operation, you must obtain a permit from the Fire Marshal's Office, as well as from the Building Department. By submitting a permit application, it ensures that the operation, use, or storage of hazardous materials is done correctly by inspections conducted by this Office prior to use of any such materials. 

Is there a permit required to remove underground storage tanks?

There is a fee for the removal of underground storage tanks. The amountof the fee for the permit application depends on the size and number of the tanks being removed. When an application for removal is received, the Fire Marshal's Office will conduction an inspection of the tank removal. This inspection involves the witnessing of the removal of the tank from the ground and procurement of soil sample(s) for analytical testing, inspecting the tank for signs of a release of product, and the taking of photographs for documentation purposes. All records regarding residential underground storage tank removals are forwarded to the Building Department. If you are selling or purchasing a residential property in the Town of Orange, you may request a copy of the records from the Building Department by calling the Building Official at (203) 891-4700, Extension 4713. All commercial records are retained at the Fire Marshal's Office.

Are fireworks legal in the State of Connecticut?

Public Act 00-198 made it legal for any person who is at least sixteen (16) years of age or older to purchase, possess, or use sparkling devices with not more than one-hundred (100) grams of pyrotechnic mixture that is non-aerial and non-explosive. In short, if it flies or provides a report (boom!), it is not legal. Such items that are not legal under this Public Act include but are not limited to fire crackers, M-80's, M-100's, Roman Candles, Sky Rockets, Bottle Rockets, Lady Fingers, Bomb Bags, Snap Pops, and other aerial and explosive displays.

Please note that vendors for retail sales of consumer fireworks must obtain an Operating Permit from the Fire Marshal. To secure a permit, you must complete an application for the Operating Permit. A COMPLETED application must be submitted with a $200 application fee through Viewpoint Permits, and the occupancy must be inspected by the Fire Marshal's Office.

Are plan reviews required, and how do I submit plans?

Drawings must be submitted for review to ensure compliance with the Connecticut Fire and Life Safety Code, and all applicable standards. The fee for the review of construction and fire protection documents is based on the square footage of the area to be reviewed. To submit drawings for review, applicants can do so through Viewpoint Permits.  Reviews are conducted for architectural, HVAC, structural, site and fire protection system drawings. In accordance with the Connecticut General Statutes, the Fire Marshal's Office will make every attempt to complete plan reviews within thirty (30) days from the day they are received.

How can I get a copy of a fire safety code inspection or fire incident report?

You can obtain an inspection or fire incident report by providing a written request to the Fire Marshal. Such request can be made in person, via email, or you may mail your request to the Fire Marshal. All requests will be accommodated in accordance with State Freedom of Information Act. Information regarding the fees associated with obtaining documentation can be obtained by contacting the Fire Marshal's Office at (203) 891-4711.

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