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Fee Schedule for Inspections and Plan Reviews

Article I:Review Fees

[Adopted 4-11-2012]

§ 217-1 Purpose.

The purpose of this fee schedule is to allow the Fire Marshal's Office of the Town of Orange to collect fees in connection with the Fire Marshal's fire inspection and plan review responsibilities and other activities within the boundaries of the Town of Orange, Connecticut that are regulated by the Orange Town Code, the State Fire Safety Code, the State Fire Prevention Code, the Connecticut General Statutes and/or the regulations promulgated by the State Fire Marshal's Office or the Department of Public Safety.

§ 217-2 Activity fees.

A. Inspections. When the Office of the Fire Marshal performs an inspection that requires official certification issued from the Office, a fee shall be charged for such inspection prior to the issuance of a certificate. The fees for such inspection noted below shall apply. All other fees for inspections, reviews, or services must be submitted with applications for such services. Government, public education and nonprofit organizations are exempt from fees but still subject to inspections as required.


Type of OccupancyInitialRenewal

Assembly use, liquor license$100$50


Nursing and convalescent homes$250$100

Residential board and care

Small, fewer than 16 residents$75$50

Large, more than 16 residents$250$100

Day-care facilities$100$50

Group day-care home$75$50

Hotels and dormitories$200$100

Retail fireworks/sparkler$200$200

Hazardous materials transport vehicles$25 each$25 each

B. Plan compliance review. Whenever any person, firm, business or other entity submits a plan in connection with a building permit for review and/or approval from the Office of the Fire Marshal, the fees for said review and or approval shall be based on aggregate building square footage as set forth below. The Office of the Fire Marshal shall have 30 days to complete the review of such submitted drawings and shall provide in writing authorization to release building permit to the Town of Orange Building Official in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes § 29-263.


Building plan review(new construction or total area being renovated)Up to 2,000 square feet$65

2,000 to 4,999 square feet$100

5,000 to 9,999 square feet$350

10,000 to 30,000 square feet$500

30,000 to 50,000 square feet$750

Over 50,000 square feet$1,000*

Fire alarm system(area being protected)Up to 5,000 square feet$65

5,000 square feet to 9,999 square feet$100

10,000 square feet to 49,000 square feet$200

Over 50,000 square feet$500*

Active fire protection system(area being protected)Up to 5,000 square feet$65

5,000 square feet to 9,999 square feet$100

10,000 square feet to 49,000 square feet$200

Over 50,000 square feet$500*

Food service Type I hood system(includes final acceptance inspection)
$100 each

Modifications, alterations, or additions to existing fire alarm and active fire protection system(s)
1/2 base fee


*Any building plans for buildings 50,000 square feet or greater may be required to have an independent plan review, as determined at the sole discretion of the Office of the Fire Marshal. The independent plan review shall be conducted by a plan reviewer hired by the applicant and subject to the approval of the Office of the Fire Marshal. The applicant shall pay all costs associated with the contracted plan reviewer's independent review. The applicant shall submit the plan reviewer's written report, along with documentation that the reviewer's costs have been paid in full, prior to the Office of the Fire Marshal's review and approval of any such plan.

C. Other permits, inspections, and fees. Approval to install/operate or conduct an operation listed below shall require a permit to be issued from the Fire Marshal's Office prior to such operation. When the Fire Marshal's Office issues a permit to install/operate or conduct an operation, the fees listing below shall apply. Government, public education and nonprofit organizations are exempt from fees but a permit to install/operate or conduct shall still apply.


Blasting permits$30(CGS)

Retail fireworks/sparkler vendor (annual if continual operation, or each instance if temporary)$200

Public or private fireworks display (does not include any required fire protection personnel/equipment)$150

Certificate of occupancy or certificate of compliance$50

Underground flammable/combustible liquid storage tank removal

<1,000 gallons' capacity$50 each

>1,000 gallons' capacity$75 each

Propane filling station, annual$50

Propane exchange retail operation, annual$25

Requested after-hours inspection fee (after 4:30 p.m. and before 8:30 a.m., excludes weekends/holidays, two-hour minimum if cancelled within 12 hours of requested time)$65 (each inspector)

Missed (no-show) inspection fee1/2 base fee

Returned check fee$35

File copies:

Printed document$0.50 page

Printed photographs$1 each photo

Pictures on CD$1 each photo

§ 217-3 Billing and enforcement.

A. No permit or required certificate shall be issued to any party until the fee for such permit or certificate has been submitted with the appropriate application.

B. The First Selectman may take all enforcement action necessary to secure payment of the delinquent bill of costs, including authorization of the Town Attorney to bring action for payment in a court of law.

C. All fees shall be payable by check only made out to "Town of Orange Fire Marshal's Office."

§ 217-4 Effective date.

This article shall become effective on the first day of July 2012.

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