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Emergency Management


Emergency Management Director: Timothy Borer

Emergency Management Asst. Director: Tino Russo 

The Emergency Management Department is charged with developing, administering, and coordinating a thorough and integrated town-wide Emergency Management Plan that encompasses all human-made and natural hazards. Functioning within the framework of Title 28 of the Connecticut State Statutes, we coordinate and collaborate with all stakeholders; public, private and governmental to develop, exercise, and train on a detailed town-wide Emergency Management Plan to protect the life and property of the residents of Orange in the event of an emergency or disaster. Our activities also include overseeing the Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) which functions as support services to our first responders. Our CERT responded to twenty official activations last year for large events and provided support in approximately ten smaller town events. Additionally, the Emergency Management Department monitors the activities within the Emergency Operation Center, (EOC) when activated for emergency situations.

 1.  Coordinate the Town's response to all emergency conditions and potential incidents which would require a multi-agency response, including but not limited to sever weather, threats from natural hazards and disasters, power and other service outages, explosions, acts of terrorism and other emergency conditions and incidents which affect public health and safety.

2.  Monitor potential emergency conditions and potential incidents which may require a multi-agency response.

3.  Coordinate and implement training programs for public safety and health, including emergency response drills, to prepare for emergency conditions and potential incidents that may require a multi-agency response.

4.  Prepare plans for responding to emergency conditions and potential incidents, including but not limited to the Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP) for the implementation of emergency orders as may approved by the Town's Chief Executive to protect public safety and facilitate the rapid response and mobilization of agencies and resources.

5.  Make recommendations to the Town's CEO concerning the town's emergency response capabilities and the Town's capacity to address potential emergency conditions and incidents.

6.  Increase public awareness as to the appropriate responses by members of the public to emergency conditions and potential incidents to increase the population's level of preparedness and the town's overall resilience in times of emergency.

7.  Operate an emergency operations center (EOC) to assist the town in managing emergency conditions and potential incidents that may require a multi-agency response.

8.  Hold regular and frequent meetings of the Emergency Management Advisory Council (EMAC) composed of designated representatives from emergency response departments that have a direct or support role in the town's management of emergency conditions and incidents.

9.  Acquire funding; federal, state, or otherwise, for emergency management, including but not limited to disaster relief and civil defense, and assist other agencies in obtaining such funding.

10.  Coordinate with all town agencies to ensure that all agencies develop and implement emergency response plans consistent with the LEOP.

11.  Coordinate with the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) and other governmental bodies to effectuate the purposes of the department.

12.  Coordinate and chair the Emergency Management Advisory Council (EMAC).

12.  Coordinate recruitment and development of volunteer support of the LEOP, provide support and oversight of the Orange Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

  1. Tim Borer

    Director, Emergency Management

  2. Faustino (Tino) Russo

    Deputy Director, Emergency Management

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