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Fire Prevention Poster Contest

The purpose of the Fire Prevention Poster contest is to make school children and their families aware that preventing fires requires everyone being alert everyday to those acts, omissions, and dangers which cause fires, and to develop an interest in fire prevention/fire safety through a poster recognition program for the fourth and fifth grade students, and to promote a joint education effort between schools and the fire services. The recognition program theme is:


Who is elgible to participate in the Poster Recognition Program?

All Fourth and Fifth grade students from public, private and parochial schools throughout the State of Connecticut.

Poster Recognition Program Entry Requirements

Posters must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the contest:

1. The posters must be created 12-inch by 18-inch paper. Manila, white drawing, colored construction paper, oak tag, or their equivalents can be used.
2. Use materials in color or black and white which can be commercially reproducted, e.g., poster tempera, crayon, felt tip markers, watercolors, pen and ink, computers, etc. Collage techniques are acceptable. Bold, solid colors carry better at a distance.
3. Include the theme title "FIRE PREVENTION - EVERYONE / EVERYDAY". Additional phrases or words should be kept to a minimum. All words must be spelled correctly and readable at a distance.
4. Be original art work and lettering.
5. The use of replicas of copyrighted or registered characters and/or logos, or software clip art is prohibited!
6. The poster must be reproducible.
7. All posters must be done by an individual. Joint artwork is not permitted.
8. Have fun and show off your talent!

Computer-generated art will be judged on the quality of the work and how well it conforms to all contest criteria. Collage techniques may be used to meet size requirements. Judging will be on the same basis as all other entries.

Each poster submitted must show legibly on the back of the poster:
1. Student's name and grade
2. The School name
3. School information, including address, town, county, and telephone number
4. Teacher's name

Each town is allowed to submit one (1) fourth grade poster and one (1) fifth grade poster to the County recognition programs. Local winners represent the town where they attend school. Town winners must sign a release statement for reproduction and a statement that the idea, concept, and artwork are all original, and free of "doctoring up", corrections or overdrawing or outlining by the teacher or someone else to be considered. Two (2) fourth and two (2) fifth grade winners will be chosen for each County, and will be entered into the State final. One (1) state winner will be chosen.

Dates and Deadlines

A. LOCAL recognition programs officially begin on October 1.
B. Posters must be submitted to your local Fire Marshals, or their designee, through your school principal by December 1.
C. Local Fire Marshals must submit town winners to their County Representative by January 5.
D. County winners must be submitted for State judging by February 2.
E. A luncheon will be held for all county winners. The state winner will be announced at that time.

Rights and Awards

A. All recognition program entries become property of the Connecticut Fire Prevention Poster Committee and will not be returned. The winning posters will be used to promote fire safety and prevention throughout the State of Connecticut. The winning statewide poster will be reproduced and distributed to all towns. Winning county posters will be exhibited at various locations, including the State Capitol during the month of October.
B. The decision of all judges will be final.
C. Each local participant will receive a certificate of participation.
D. Sponsoring Teacher of the State Winner will receive a framed certificate.
E. Prizes:
Local: At the discretion of the local Fire Marshal
County: Fourth and Fifth grade winners - $150 check
State: One overall winner - $750 Check
State winner's school: $500 Grant check

Possible Fire Prevention Poster Topics:

1. SMOKE DETECTORS: The poster could include where they should be in the home, and how often to clean and test them, replacement of batteries.
2. FIRE SPRINKLERS: How they work
4. CARBON MONOXIDE ALARMS: Where you should have them, or how they work
5. FIRE CAUSE- CARELESSNESS: Examples of poor maintenance of your home could contribute to a fire
6. FIRE CAUSE- MISUSE OF ELECTRICITY: Overloading of outlets with power strips, use of extension cords, or damaged electrical cords and equipment
7. FIRE CAUSE- MISUSE OF SMOKING MATERIALS: Misuse of matches and/or lighters, Careless smoking
8. FIRE CAUSE- ALTERNATIVE HEATING: Use of space heaters, wood stoves, or pellet stoves incorrectly
9. Fire Survival programs such as E.D.I.T.H (Exit Drills In The Home); Stop, Drop, and Roll; Learn not to Burn, etc.

If you have any questions, we are here to help! You can call (203) 891-4711, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and get an quick answer from someone in the Fire Marshal's Office. If we aren't there, leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can!

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