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Fire Incident Reports

A copy of any fire incident report for a fire or other emergency that is no longer subject to investigation can be requested by the public from the Fire Marshal.  In accordance with the Connecticut General Statutes, fire department incident reports shall be submitted to the Fire Marshal within ten (10) days of the event.  As such, requests for reports should not be submitted to the Fire Marshal for review until the ten (10) day period has expired.  There is a cost associated with obtaining an incident report.  The cost is $.50 per copied page.

Fire Investigation Reports

Fire investigation reports generated by the Fire Marshal's Office is not subject to the statute 10-day period, as investigations could be lengthy and time consuming.  Requests can be submitted, but reports will not be provided until such time that the investigation is complete.  A formal request for investigation reports must be submitted to the Fire Marshal's Office.  Fees associated with obtaining an investigation report are $.50 per copied page, $1.00 per photo printed, and $1.00 per photo provided electronically on a CD.

Fire Inspection Reports

The Fire Marshal's Office does numerous fire code inspections throughout the year.  Occupants, as well as property owners, receive official reports indicating the conditions that were found adverse to the State Fire and Life Safety Code, the State Fire Prevention Code, and all applicable standards.  Upon receipt of the Abatement of Hazardous Conditions notice, occupants or parties having control of the property have thirty (30) days to complete corrective actions.  Upon expiration of the 30 days, the Fire Marshal will cause a re-inspection to ensure all violations have been abated (corrected).

Many times, a request for a report showing any outstanding violations for a property will be requested when a property changes management or is in the process of being sold.  Requests for said report can be requested from the Fire Marshal's Office.  The cost for paper copies is $.50 per page.

How to Request a Report

Requests for report shall be submitted to the Fire Marshal, and must be in writing.  Such request can be faxed to the Fire Marshal's Office at (203) 891-1054 to the attention of Fire Marshal Timothy P. Smith, or you can email your request by clicking on the Fire Marshal's email on our main page.  Please remember that your request will be processed as quickly as possible, but that it may take days to complete due to the large workload in the Fire Marshal's Office.

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