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Open Burning Permits

All applications for permits for open burning shall be made to the Fire Marshal via the Viewpoint Permit website (See below for a link). The Fire Marshal may require, where he deems it necessary, proof of compliance with the Town zoning or building ordinances, and may revoke a permit in case there has been a false statement or misrepresentation as to a material fact in such application.

The Fire Marshal shall issue all permits when satisfied through site inspection and/or documentation provided by the applicant that the activity or condition for which the permit is sought poses no threat to life, health or property. Such permits shall be valid for such period of time as appears on the face of the permit and may be withdrawn at any time on notice to the holder thereof, if, because of changed conditions, a threat to life, health and property is found to exist.

Once a permit is issued, prior to lighting any fire (approximately 15 minutes), the permit-holder is required to call the number on the permit to notify fire dispatch that they have a permit and will be lighting a controlled fire.  Upon ignition, no fire shall be left unattended and must be COMPLETELY extinguished before leaving the permitted fire.

Permit Fees

The following fees shall apply:

A. Single-use kindling or open burning permit: $25.

B. Annual fire pit operating permit: $150.

C. Fire training permit: $75.

D. Special use permit: $25.

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