Day Camp

2022 Camp Registration Form
Day camp information and registration

Campers move around the High Plains Community Center as a group, through a variety of activities, every day.  The daily schedule will change but lunch and swimming are at the same time each day.  Each activity is about 40 minutes long.  If there is an entertainer or special event, typical activities may be cancelled or adjusted for that day.  Excessive heat or rain may also change campers plans.

Day Camp Basics - 2022
Here are the specific guidelines:

Finally - the day we’ve all been waiting for!!
Day Camp Information:
Camp will start on June 20.
The day is 9:00am - 4:30pm. 
RESIDENT registration will start on April 4th
Non-resident registration will start on April 11th, space available.
Registration will be done in person, at the Park and Recreation office. Please keep your distance from each other in the hallway and in the Park and Rec office :)
Please print out the registration form from the website in advance.
Non-refundable deposits are due on all sessions to register.

Please read the guidelines we will be following this summer. If you have any questions - just ask. We are operating on the current CDC and OEC guidelines - if they change anything, we will too!

At drop off, no earlier than 8:45a, you will enter HPCC lot from the Cuzzocreo Pavillion driveway. Parents and siblings not attending camp will stay in their cars.
Campers please exit from the Driver’s side of the car only.

Any camper coughing, appearing ill, or with a fever of 100* or more, will not be able to attend until they are healthy.

Campers will be in groups of  14-16 children and 2 counselors. 

Each group will have a designated picnic table area around the blacktop, and a room in HPCC, for their group exclusively. Lunches and snacks will be kept in their backpacks, and not be refrigerated, so pack accordingly.

The Campers will travel for field trips this year!
Presenters coming to camp will either have an outdoor presentation, or the groups will be in their room for the activity.

Campers will have swimming this year, lessons and an open swim period with their group.

At pick up you must enter the same driveway as drop off. Your child will be assigned a group and you will pull in line behind that color sign. We will call your child from their group to your car when you are at the front of the line. After your children are safely secured in the car, you will exit to the right only and proceed around the building driveway. Pick up will start at 4:15.
Campers arriving after 9:15am, must come into the Park and Rec office before going to their group, but not until 10am. 
Campers may not leave during the day for appointments and return to camp that same day.
Campers being picked up early will also wait at the Nurse’s office. Advance notice of one hour minimum should be provided.

Late Stay is back.  Registration is for the full session, not per day.

Registration Dates - 2022

  • Residents - April 4   8:30a-4:30p
  • Non-residents - April 11  

Session Dates - 2022

  • Camp sessions are two weeks long. 
  • Session 1 - June 20 - July 1
  • Session 2 - July 5 - July 15
  • Session 3 - July 18 - July 29
  • Session 4 - August 1 - August 12

    Camp Fees - 2022 
  • Session 1, 3, 4
    • Residents - $450.00 per session/$525 non 
  • Session 2
    • Residents - $405.00 /  $472 non-residents
  • Label all your child's belongings!
  • Send campers taking swim lessons to camp in their bathing suits to save time.  Pack towel, underwear,  and other necessary pool gear.
  • Send lunch and a snack every day.  Please include extra water.
  • Fill out Administration Form and drop off prescriptions to the Camp Nurse if your child needs medicine administered during the camp day.
  • Communicate with your child's counselor if there are any concerns or issues, as well as any changes in drop off or pick up.

  • Don't send your camper with electronics, make up, valuables, weapons (real or play), or any toy that may be deemed a danger to the staff or campers.
  • Don't forget to dress your camper in the camp shirt on field trip days.
  • Don't send sick children.  Sick children will be sent to the nurse for pickup.