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Basic Fee Schedule

Effective December 1, 2017

  • The fee to record a document on the land records is $60.00 for the first page.
  • The $5.00 for each additional page and the $2.00 fee for conveyances for $2,000 remain the same.
  • The fee for filing a Foreclosed Property Registrations if $60.00
  • Nominee (MERS) fees have not changed and will remain at the flat fee of $159.00 for Releases and Assignments (when Nominee is the Releasor/Grantor) and $159.00 plus $5.00 for each additional page for other Nominee (MERS) recordings.

Any document received for recording on December 1, 2017 is charged the new fee even if it was mailed and postmarked earlier. The statutes do not allow for an exception to the recording fee and all documents in the month of December will be subject to the new fee and the revised allocations of funds.

Conveyance Tax



State tax on residential property and unimproved land

0.0075 x consideration

State tax on residential dwelling over $800,000

0.0125 x $800,000

State tax on non-residential except for unimproved land 

0.0125 x consideration

Local tax: all categories

0.0025 x consideration

Surcharges on each transfer to the state (this is collected on land transfer deeds that are reported on the State of Connecticut Conveyance Tax Form OP236)


Copies, Certified Copies of Land Records & Maps



Copies of recorded documents or maps from computer

$1 per document page

For certifying documents or maps

$2 per document or map

Copies of full-scale maps

$5 each

 Handheld scanner use


Trade name certificates


Freedom of Information

If copying fee is not specified above, fee for copy of filed/non-recorded document (minutes, legal notices, etc.) shall not exceed 50¢ per page. Fee for cost of transcription or printout shall not exceed actual cost thereof. 

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act CGS Sec.1-200)

Land Records 



Recording documents

$60 first page, $5 for each subsequent page or portion

Assignment of mortgage and release of mortgage where "MERS" is either a grantor or grantee

$159 flat fee

Documents other than mortgage and release of mortgage where "MERS" is either a grantor or grantee

$159 first page, $ for each subsequent page

Map filing: Less than 3 parcels


Map filing: 3 or more parcels


Notary Public - For Recording



Original commission of notary public


Renewal commission


Change of name only


Change of name and change of address within Town


Change of name and change of address to a new Town


Change of address to new town but no change of name


Only original and renewal commissions require notary to take oath; the various changes of name and address do not require an oath.

Notary Public - For Authentication



Authenticating the signature of a notary


Documents being sent to certain countries may need the apostille, or authentication, of the Secretary of the State in addition to that of the Town Clerk. The document should be directed to:
Secretary of the State
30 Trinity Street
Hartford, CT 06106

Vital Statistics



Marriage license


Certified copy of birth, death, or marriage certificate


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