What's New

Fall  Swim Lessons - info available here

You must go to RecDesk to register.

Fall  Diving  - Diving schedule is available on the registration website.  https://orangect.recdesk.com/Community/Home
The Tennis Courts are done! Pickleball lines have been painted on the courts as well. Permits are available by calling the Park and Recreation office, at 203-891-4790 to get a permit. You MUST have a household built in the RecDesk program to make a reservation. https://orangect.recdesk.com/Community/Home
Anyone possessing a permit may have the court at their reserved start time.  Please allow players leaving to finish their game in progress (game, not set).   Reservations are for 90 minutes.

Showers will be available for use in the main shower area of the locker rooms. 
 Please be mindful of those waiting.

Lockers will be available.  All your personal items must be secured in a locker.  Do not leave any items on the benches or in the changing stalls.  Items left out will be put in the Lost and Found area.

While sharing a lane, please swim continuously or hop out to rest if necessary.

If you are using a walking lane, please maintain a distance from other walkers at all times.

Non-swimmers are not allowed on the pool deck.  

There is a 1:1 ratio for adults and non-swimming children  All children wishing to swim without a parent or the 1:1 ratio must pass the swim test (one full length of the pool without help or stopping).
The guards are not allowed to make any changes or exceptions to these guidelines. Please contact Sue in the Park and Rec office for questions or concerns.