What's New

April 15
Exciting News!

The Board of Selectmen have approved the funds to repair and resurface the tennis courts at High Plains!  The courts will be unfortunately be unavailable all summer while the work is performed, but it will be worth it when they are done.

2021   Summer Diving Session!!
June 21 - July 26
6:30pm - 7:30pm 112517-A
$108.00 residents / $118.00 non-residents

Registration starts on Monday, 6/7.
See Springboard Diving on the Aquatic page.

We won't be offering swimming lessons until September but our
Day Campers will receive lessons every day.

 Spring Pool Hours
Summer Pool Hours

The Task Force and DPH have made changes to the covid prevention plans we have been following for the last few months. We have adjusted to some of the newly allowed activities but are still enforcing some guidelines to provide an additional layer of safety.

We are still accepting Orange residents and Orange Town Pool members only.

The locker room should have no more than 8 people at any time.

The handicap accessible shower will be available to those in need after swimming and may be used to rinse off on the way into the pool. 

Alternating showers will be available for use in the main shower area of the locker rooms.  Please be mindful of those waiting.

Lockers will be available in a spaced arrangement.   All your personal items must be secured in a locker.  Do not leave any items on the benches or in the changing stalls.  Items left out will be put in the Lost and Found area.
You may continue to bring your items to the pool deck in the spaced locations on the benches.

Two people (more if from the same family) may share a lap lane at this time.  While sharing a lane, please swim continuously or hop out to rest if necessary.

If you are using a walking lane, please maintain a 6-foot distance from other walkers at all times.


We are still not allowing spectators on the pool deck or in the balcony.  

There is still a 1:1 ratio for adults and non-swimming children.  All children wishing to swim without a parent or the 1:1 ratio must pass the swim test (one full length of the pool without help or stopping).
The guards are not allowed to make any changes or exceptions to these guidelines.  Please contact Sue in the office for any questions or concerns 


Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!