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January 20, 2021
January Pool Hours

Swim Teams are BACK!!

Starting Tuesday, January 19th the State will allows swim teams to begin practice and clinic training. They will be limited to 4 swimmers per lane and social distancing is to be maintained at all times. Amity High school practices from
3-4:30pm, Christian Heritage practices from 4:30-6 in lanes 4-6 and ARAC practices from

Lap swimmers outside of swim teams are still one to a lane unless from the same family group, walkers and aerobic exercisers are allowed, but should stay 6feet from others.  Aquatic play and families are allowed but you must also stay 6 feet from other groups, and diving is allowed as it is a naturally spaced activity.

The pool is still restricted to Orange residents or Pool Members/Teams only.  The locker room is limited to 4 people at a time, and the showers and lockers are still unavailable.  Health check and waivers are still required.

Lots of adjustments but we are happy to offer Ski Bums this winter.

SKI Bums Info and Reg
Southington Waiver

2021   New Diving Session!!
Mondays - FULL
January 4 - February 8

4:30pm - 5:10pm 412517-A
5:15pm - 5:55pm 42517-B

Tuesdays - FULL
January 5 - February 9

4:30pm - 5:10pm 212517-C
5:15pm - 5:55pm 212517-D
$70.00 residents / $80.00 non-residents

Registration starts on Monday, 10/26.
See Springboard Diving on the Aquatic page.

Youth Basketball
We are offering a youth basketball program this fall. It is not a league and there are no teams. It is a skills and drills clinic with some game play. Check the YOUTH page for details. 2021 Youth Basketball Program

Pool Update: 1/8/2021
POOL MEMBERS SHOULD RENEW THEIR MEMBERSHIP CARDS NOW.  Cards can be renewed Monday-Friday, from 8:30a-4:30p.
Residents are $75, $110 for a family of 2, $10 for each additional child.  Non-residents may renew only.  We are not accepting any new non-resident members at this time.  Non-residents renewing are $150. 
If you are a resident, but do not wish to get a membership be prepared to show identification to confirm your address.
Per swim fees are still due for resident, non-members - $4 for adults and $3 for children.

Patrons will be able to use the locker rooms in both directions, to change only. The showers and lockers will still be unavailable.
A maximum of 4 people per locker room are allowed at a time.

Continue to arrive at the pool in a mask, dressed to swim.  In the lobby you have to sign in and have your temperature taken.  The locker rooms are just a pass through to the pool, so take all of your personal items with you.  Put your things on one of the red-tape marks on the benches.
After swimming, you may return to the locker room to change into dry clothes.  Masks are required in the locker room at all times.

We will monitor the occupancy of the pool at all times and may limit the public based on the numbers.    Procedures and practices may need to be adjusted when we open based on usage.  Please be flexible and understand that we are all new to these restrictions and guidelines, and our only goal is to provide a safe place to swim.  Failure to comply. by the facility or the patrons. may result in another complete closure for a period of time.

Masks must be worn in line, in the lobby, in the locker room, and on the pool deck until you are ready to swim.

Public must enter from lobby doors. Wait outside if someone is still at the check-in table. The check-in person in will take your membership card the first time you come swimming and will maintain it through the summer. Current members – memberships are valid until June 30th, 2021.

Payment for per swim must be made in cash, with an ID showing you are a resident of Orange – no credit cards.

All swimmers must sign the waiver, and pass health the health screening every day.

Please keep 6 feet apart in the locker rooms. 

There will no more than 4 people (children with parents are counted as 1) in the locker room at a time.

You should arrive in your bathing suit, but if not, you can get changed, put all your stuff in your bag, and take everything to the pool deck. 

When leaving the locker rooms, all women should go to the left to get to their lane, men should go to the right.  Continue to wear your mask on the deck, until you are ready to enter the water.

Please space your belonging out along the deck at 6 feet distances – follow the red tape on the benches.  You may not store things in the lockers or changing stalls.

There is no equipment available to borrow at this time. You may bring your own and take it with you after your swim.

The bathroom (toilets/sinks only) will be available during your swim.

Walking is available in lanes 7 and 8 only, but all walkers must keep moving. Standing against the wall or using the wall for exercise will not be allowed if there are any other walkers in the lane.

The balcony is closed at this time.

No non-swimmers allowed on the deck at this time.

The lobby is for check-in only, not a waiting area.