Coordinator's Corner

by Joan Kreiger, MS

Drug-Sniffing Dogs

ODAAC supports the development and implementation of a BOE policy designed to outline a scenario for the use of drug-sniffing dogs at the schools. Having a clear policy in place strengthens the concept of a "drug-free" school, and further enhances the importance of drug prevention, education and deterrence. Amity has historically shown itself to be a visionary school system with regard to the important message of healthy decision-making. Amity has already successfully:
  • Employed a Breathalyzer policy, resulting in 100% incident free dances
  • Instituted a full-time SRO who serves as a valuable resource for awareness, teaching and, prevention
  • Created an Advisory period designed to develop critical relationships and keep kids from "falling through the cracks"
  • The Board has an opportunity to add another layer of protection to reduce risky behaviors of teenagers, by utilizing the vital resources of a drug-sniffing dog
Drug dogs provide a powerful incentive to keep our schools drug-free. It is a pro-active policy to reinforce our Zero Tolerance principle, and one that ODAAC supports.

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