OEDC Board of Directors

The primary task of the OEDC Board of Directors is to develop and support projects or programs designed to further the Town’s goals for prudent, sustained economic growth. The OEDC Board of Directors consists of private companies, local residents and municipal representatives who have an interest in the economic development of the Town of Orange.

The administrative duties are guided by the OEDC’s Executive Committee and reported on to the full Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

Executive Committee

  • Debbie Clancy, President
  • Chad Lombardi, Vice President
  • Thomas Cavaliere, Secretary
  • Paul Gehr, Treasurer
  • Roy Cuzzocreo
  • Erika Oliphant
  • Mike Richetelli
  • Mark Sandillo
  • James Zeoli

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal 
  • Robert Archambault
  • Larry Brownstein
  • Walter Caffey
  • Liz Castiline
  • Tom Cavaliere
  • Deb Clancy
  • Roy Cuzzocreo
  • Meghan Dahlmeyer
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Brian Fry
  • Paul Gehr
  • Jim Hassenmayer
  • Mathew Jacob
  • Joe Johnston 
  • Attorney John Knuff
  • Michael Latella
  • Michael Lipsett
  • Charles Lombardi
  • Attorney Vincent Marino
  • David Metzger
  • Ted Novicki
  • Erika Oliphant
  • Arnold Peck
  • Michael Richetelli
  • Carl Russell
  • Mark Sandillo
  • Silveras Sboui
  • Judy Smith 
  • Carol Smullen 
  • Attorney Brian Stone
  • Harry Traub
  • James Zeoli