Environmental Health

The Health Department continues to maintain as its primary goal the preservation and protection of environmental quality in the Town of Orange.  To accomplish this, health officials utilize and enforce applicable sections of the State of CT Public Health Code, CT State Statutes and local Town Ordinances.  The services provided include:

 Sewage Disposal and Building

  • Consult with homeowners and contractors; review and approve proposed building additions.
  • Investigate failed septic systems and develop solutions for their repair.
  • Issue permits to construct and install septic systems.
  • Issue permits to drill private water supply wells.
  • Perform soil tests for the design of new septic systems, for planning subdivisions of land and for feasibility of building additions.
  • Review and approve design plans for septic systems prepared by installers and engineers.
  • Review and approve laboratory reports and analysis of well water for drinking purposes.

Food Service

  • Inspect food service facilities including grocery stores, restaurants, delis, fairs, carnivals and institutional kitchens.
  • Issue licenses for food service facilities.
  • Provide information and instruction as it relates to environmental and sanitary conditions for the preparation, handling and serving of potentially hazardous food and drink.
  • Review and approve floor plans for food service establishments prepared by architects and contractors.


  • Inspect Day Care Centers and institutions.
  • Investigate all types of environmental health nuisances and complaints that arise from rodent and insect infestations, accumulations of trash and garbage, institutional sanitation and safety, public bathing areas, potable water and private water supply, open space and wetland areas.
  • Provide information and instructions related to environmental and sanitary conditions.