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Town Clerk

  • Town Clerk: Patrick B. O'Sullivan II
    Tel: (203) 891-4730
  • Assistant Town Clerk: Mary Jane Whalen 891-4729
  • Clerical: Meg Martins 891-4728

The office of Town Clerk provides many very important functions for the citizens of Orange. The Town Clerk is empowered and governed by the Connecticut State Statutes. The Town Clerk is elected to serve the public responsibly, act as an information center, maintain open accessibility, integrity and impartiality and act as a conduit and bridge between local and state government and the individual.

Highlights of areas of responsibility

  • Registrar of Vital Statistics
    • Issue and record Marriage Licenses.
    • Record all records pertaining to births and deaths.
  • Election Administration
    • Publish all Legal Notices.
    • Print all appropriate election, primary and referendum material.
    • Certified lists and party enrolled lists of electors.
    • Administer oaths to elected and appointed officials.
    • Registration of local government officials and notification to the Secretary of State.
  • Preservation of Town Records
    • Record and maintain Town Meetings and Town Records.
    • Commissions and committees filed schedule of agendas and minutes of meetings.
  • Report to the State
    • Conveyance Tax forms of all real estate sales
    • Dog Licenses and Registration
    • Election and referendum results
  • Responsible for the Town Seal used on legal documents.
  • Records for liquor licenses.
  • Record all Notaries.
  • Comply with State Records Retention Regulations.

  • Land Records Management
    • Provide and maintain appropriate recording system for all documents regarding land within the Town of Orange for landowners, attorneys, title searchers, government agencies and the general public.
    • Provide and maintain a system of survey maps as prescribed by state law.

Dog License Information
Dogs 6 months or older must be licensed. During the month of June, original rabies certificate must be shown in order to show rabies vaccination is current. Spaying and neutering certificate must also be shown. You may mail for license. Enclose rabies certificate, neutering/spaying certificate and payment in SASE. Un-neutered/Un-spayed dog - $19.00, Neutered/Spayed dog - $8.00. After June 30, a penalty charge of $1.00 per month will be added.