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Health Department: Environmental Health Division






It’s Tick season!
Tickborne diseases are on the rise.

Please click the links below for more information:

The State of CT Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven will test engorged deer ticks for free.
Orange residents! Come to the Orange Health Department to fill out the submission form.

The tick must be embedded in a person’s skin (not animals) for 24 hours or more.
Carefully remove the tick at its mouth parts very close to your skin without breaking up its’ body.
Place it in a small Ziploc with your name and date marked on the bag.

The tick must be a deer tick (submit it anyway if you are unsure).
CAES will let you know what type of tick and if it has any blood inside it to be tested.

CAES will notify you directly or through our office if the tick is tested and the results for Lyme disease (positive and negative).

There are several types of “tick tools/tweezers” on the market.

This is the best removal tool that I have found.
It works easily on people and pets removing the entire tick.
It is sold on

Pro-tick Remedy with 5x Magnifier, Key Chain, Tick Id Card and Tick Tutorial

Pro-tick Remedy with 5x Magnifier, Key Chain, Tick Id Card and Tick Tutorial 

Some Useful Publications
Click here to download: "Maintaining Your Septic System--A Guide for Homeowners"
Click here to download: "Private Well Testing"

Please contact the Main Environmental Office at 203-891-4733 for all environmental (nonmedical) inquiries.

  • Director of Health - Amir Mohammad, MD, MPH
    605A Orange Center Road
    Orange, CT 06477
    Tel: (203) 891-4752

    Assistant Director of Health - Robert Baltimore
    Tel: (203) 891-2165

The function of the Orange Health Department is to provide for the protection of health and the promotion of human comfort and well-being of Town residents. To accomplish this task, the department is organized into two basic service areas: 1) the Medical Division, consisting of the Orange Visiting Nurses Association (O.V.N.A.) and the school and public nursing programs, and 2) the Environmental Health Division. The Director of Health oversees the operation of both Divisions.

Go to Medical Division (OVNA)

Environmental Health Division

  • Town Sanitarian - Brian Slugoski
    Tel: (203) 891-4732

  • Assistant Sanitarian - Lori Romick
    Tel: (203) 891-4719

The function of the Environmental Health Division is to control, promote and maintain proper sanitary and environmental conditions within the Town. Such a program is carried out by the administration and enforcement of the Public Health Code and Town Ordinances as they relate to environmental sanitation.

The Environmental Health Division has three staff persons to carry out its daily activities. The Secretary assists in answering general questions from the public, retrieving and providing information and performing all clerical duties of the office. The Sanitarians perform various investigations and inspections which involve testing, monitoring, sampling and issuing orders for abatement of Code violations. The Sanitarians also consult engineers, contractors and Town officials to ensure Code compliance and proper environmental procedures.

Highlights of areas of responsibility

Sewage Disposal and Building

  • Investigate failed septic systems and develop solutions for their repair.
  • Perform soil tests for the design of new septic systems, for planning subdivisions of land and for feasibility of building additions.
  • Review and approve design plans for septic systems prepared by installers and engineers.
  • Consult with homeowners and contractors; review and approve proposed building additions.
  • Issue permits to drill private water supply wells.
  • Review and approve laboratory reports and analysis of well water for drinking purposes.
  • Issue permits to construct and install septic systems.

Food Service

  • Inspect food service facilities including grocery stores, restaurants, delis, fairs, carnivals and institutional kitchens.
  • Provide information and instruction as it relates to environmental and sanitary conditions for the preparation, handling and serving of potentially hazardous food and drink.
  • Review and approve floor plans for food service establishments prepared by architects and contractors.
  • Issue licenses for food service facilities.


  • Investigate all types of environmental health nuisances and complaints that arise from rodent and insect infestations, accumulations of trash and garbage, institutional sanitation and safety, public bathing areas, potable water and private water supply, open space and wetland areas.
  • Provide information and instructions related to environmental and sanitary conditions.
  • Inspect Day Care Centers and institutions.


Click here for online permits (compatible with Chrome/Firefox only).

Application  $  30.00
New:    $180.00
Repair:    $130.00
Industrial & Commercial
0 - 2,000 GPD  $300.00
2,000 - 5,000 GPD  $400.00
SSDS > 5,000 GPD inspection fee, only   $300.00
Engineering plan review  $  50.00
Building Addition (B100a) soil tests  $  50.00
Application  $  30.00
Per lot testing  $100.00
Site plan review  $  75.00
Application fee  $  10.00
Reinspection fee  $  75.00
Floor plan review fee  $100.00
• Restaurants, Classification
Class I  $  75.00
Class II  $100.00
Class III  $175.00
Class IV  $225.00
• Caterers & Vendors  $100.00
• Temporary Food Service
For profit  $  50.00
Not for profit  $  10.00
• Food Handling Establishments
2,000 SF or less  $150.00
2,001 SF and greater  $250.00
Permit  $  30.00
Daycare/Private Schools  $  75.00
Massage Establishments  $  50.00
Beauty Parlors/Nail Salons/Barber Shops  $  50.00