Town of Orange Residential Condition Rating Codes

October 1, 2006 Revaluation



Condition Classification Codes:


     Excellent: Building is in pristine condition: very attractive and highly desirable to the market. Everything that can be repaired, replaced or refinished has been completed. There is little evidence of deterioration.


        Good: Minor deterioration visible: attractive, desirable, modernized and functionally useful. No obvious maintenance required. Good market demand.


     Average: Normal wear and tear apparent: average attractiveness and desirability. Looks worn. Starting to show its age. Average market demand.


     Fair: Marked deterioration, unattractive and undesirable but still quite useful. Some functional obsolescence but saleable due to usefulness. Difficult to market


     Poor: Deterioration obvious, definitely undesirable and barely useable. Many items need overhaul. Inhabitation at present, questionable.


> Unsound: Building is condemned or will be shortly. Would likely be torn down instead of repairing.